What kind of music do The D'oh Bros play?

The D'oh Bros were founded in 2009 by Greg Brown and Dave Muldawer.  After a few years jamming together they were requested to perform a gig, and the band took off from there.  Lead guitarist Keith Wood joined the band in 2010 and they have been playing all over Santa Cruz for the past 4 years.  The D'oh Bros play a mixture of originals and great classic rock songs, but not the same old songs the typical classic rock band might play.  The Cars, Foreigner, The Doobie Brothers, Dire Straits, The Kinks, Tommy Tutone, Men at Work, Bob Marley, Steve Miller, Greg Kihn, and more.    

Who are The D'oh Bros?

Dave Muldawer: Lead Vocals,  Rhythm Guitar, Alto Sax

Greg Brown: Bass,  Backup Vocals

Keith Wood: Lead Guitar

Drums: Alan Fox

All Original Songs written by Dave Muldawer

All Recorded Songs produced by Greg Brown